Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tate's 5th Birthday Party!

First and foremost, I need to acknowledge some people. I can't wait until the end of this post and treat it as an after thought because honestly, we have the most incredible family and friends and without them, this party would have not happened.

Thank you to everyone who traveled to come celebrate Tate's birthday to shower him with love (and way too many gifts!!!), thank you to my parents for contributing so much food, the DeCooks for the bounce house, chairs and tables, and to everyone for truly being the BEST family we could ask for. Everyone at this party was family to us...everyone!

The amazing cake. I wish I could say I did this one, but I can't. Isn't that an incredible Kung Fu Panda cake?!?!!!

Gifts...lots and lots of gifts!

Tate requested a few things for his party. One was a pinata.

So he got one...

Nearly all the kiddos got a whack at it...

And then, what's a Peakin Family gathering without a little competition between the Peakin siblings...mostly Sean and Mike. Seriously, these 2 are just too much. They are pretty much children themselves and insisted on seeing who could knock the pinata down once all the kids got it broken open and got the candy from it.

Sean went first.
He was confident (as usual!)...

He took a good whack, but it didn't fall...

Mike was ALSO confident (as usual!) and he backed it up.

One big whack and down it went!


It totally bothered Sean too! Hee hee hee.

The party was FUN! The kids JUMPED and JUMPED and JUMPED in the bounce house, lots of people watched football, we all ate sushi, chicken wings, pizza, veggies, deviled eggs and yummy cake. We chatted and laughed and played with toys (yes, we all did!).

We even did some SUPER QUICK photo shoots...those pics to come in the next post!

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