Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peakin Family Update

Okay, so I thought I'd better just do a post about what's going on...

My Running...it's going, but not well. I hate to be a downer, but there is no way I am meeting my goal of '100 miles before Thanksgiving'...no way. Maybe I need to extend it to Christmas! Ugh. Oh well. I am still proud of myself for running on a regular basis. :)

The Holidays!...EEK! We are in the midst of holiday planning. I mean, scheduling which family we're going to be with when and where for Thanksgiving and then just thinking about and throwing ideas around about Christmas. Really?! I mean, it feels like summer just started!

Adoption...November is National Adoption Month, so I was thinking about doing some adoption related posts throughout the month. I could talk about adoption all day long! :) We are just waiting at this point...waiting, waiting, waiting. Ugh. So nothing too new to report on this front.

Jennie Peakin Photography...I am working on the possible changes for Jennie Peakin Photography in 2012. The business is growing way faster than I had ever expected and I am thrilled about it, but also SWAMPED! I have my first (and as I mentioned multiple times, my ONLY) wedding this weekend. Seriously, I am totally nervous. Ugh. I just want to get amazing images for this amazing bride and groom. Yikes...it's such a huge responsibility! I feel like every spare moment at home is spent editing. This week I am really trying to get all of my shoots from the last couple of weeks completed...however, I have accepted the fact that I'm just not going to be able to get them all done. There are just not enough hours in the day. I just posted some sneak peeks on my photography blog HERE.

Sean...he is back on his day rotation. This makes me sooo happy! I have him home with me every night. I hate it when he is working nights and Tate and I are alone each night while we sleep. I don't like that at all.

Tate...Still loving preschool, still as ornery as ever. :) He is just too funny. He makes me so frustrated and then the can melt my heart the next second. The other day, we were opening fortune cookies and I opened his and he said, "what does it say?!" I said (wide eyed), "it says 'you have the BEST mommy and daddy ever!" He got wide eyed then gave a sweet smile and looked at us both and said, "I love you two." Ummmm, melt my heart. Then a few minutes later, he might have been hitting me and talking back. Ha. :) Ya, he started hitting in the last few weeks. Talk about frustrating!!! Who STARTS hitting at age 5?! He's never been a hitter, so I'm not sure where this has come from. It's not something he does often, but he's hit me a couple of times and Sean a few times as well.

Coming up for us...TONS. I mean, we are busy busy! Aside from photoshoots, volunteering at preschool, doing peoples' hair, Sean working and my editing, we are trying to fit in some things with friends. I have to carefully plan in morning coffee with friends and playdates. We will be having a family over for dinner next week that is from our PS-MAPP class. We spent 10 weeks with these families and we miss seeing them each week! We have a table to refinish...still. I would like that to get done before the weather gets too cold...again, not sure how realistic that is. In a couple of weeks, we get Brigg and Lani for the weekend while Cassie and Paul take Ayla to Chicago for her birthday, so that'll be fun! We are going to another Hawkeye game in a few weeks and then we're going to be almost at Thanksgiving, followed by New York City!!!

So there's your Peakin Family Update. :) I am sure I missed a few things in there, but I have to get back to editing pictures now...

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