Tuesday, October 25, 2011

on Tate not having a filter...

You know how kids have no filter? What I mean is, they say just what they are thinking. Well, I have been told that I don't have a filter either sometimes. I mean, I just think I am kind of an open book. So the fact that Tate sees my filterless banter along with the fact that he's just a five year old make the things that come out of his mouth oftentimes inappropriate. An example...

Sean and Tate were in the elevator at the hotel this weekend when a bunch of people start piling into it, making everyone fairly squished in that small space. A rather large woman happened to be right in front of Tate and with his height compared to hers, his face happened to be directly in front of her backside. Tate blurts out (in a silent elevator), "she has a big bum!" Apparently Sean covered his mouth the first time because he said he knew what was coming. So Tate pulls away from Sean's attempt to cover his words and repeats himself so Sean can here, "SHE HAS A BIG BUM!"


There was a similar story to this that happened with him while we were on our way down to Florida this summer and stopped at a gas station. We were picking out a beverage from the fridge when a little person came up next to us. I knew before any words could come out of Tate's mouth that he was going to say something.

So ya, this is something we need to work on with him.

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