Tuesday, October 04, 2011

it's a whole new world...

...now that we have a babysitter! Seriously, remind me again how we survived 5 years without one?! Ummmm, I have no idea! It's so nice to not have to inconvenience friends or family members every time we want to go out for a couple of hours...and then we can actually go out with some of those friends and family members! Imagine that! :)

We were invited to dinner at a friend's house this Friday night so we got the bright idea to share our babysitter and have her watch the kids at our house! Awesome! Because we'll be kid free for a while, we are even going to go out for a drink or 2 after dinner! So now we get a nice, relaxing evening without the kiddos and the kids are THRILLED that they get to have Cassidy come play with them for a few hours. We all win!

It will be nice to have a fun evening with just the adults after a busy week and as we enter a busy weekend.

Tomorrow I will be volunteering in Tate's classroom again, then on Wednesday, Tate turns 5! We plan to do some celebrating that evening, but haven't completely made a plan on what we're going to do yet. Then on Thursday, Tate has a fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch and I am volunteering for that as well. So it'll be nice to have a fun night on Friday. Then on Saturday morning, I have a photoshoot in Muscatine and after that, Tate and I will be staying the night there to watch Cassie's kids while she and Paul go out of town to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss. :) Sunday when they return home, I will have another photoshoot in the afternoon and then it'll be back home to gear up for another week! Sean is working all weekend, so he'll be either sleeping or working the entire time Tate and I are in Muscatine.

So ya, having a babysitter is amazing and wonderful and is like a whole new world! We are loving it...and so is Tate! :)


Farm-Raised said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cassidy-care!! :-) Sounds like you have a busy week. Let's shoot for coffee/playdate next week!!

Jennie Peakin said...

Leslie...definitely next week! :)