Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thoughts as we complete our training...

One more week of PS-MAPP training and the following day, our FINAL homestudy and that's it...we wait for our license. I mean, that's it?! I am kind of panicking. Thank goodness for the support we will have from the other families in our PS-MAPP group. We have really grown to know these people and we are all in the same boat. You know how you just really can't truly understand what someone is going through and how they feel unless you are going through it (or have gone through it already) too? That's how we feel about these people...they just "get it". We have spent 3 hours per week with them for the last 10 weeks. We have learned about some of each others most darkest times and cried and laughed in front of each other. We've built a trust with them in sharing these things and feel comfortable being ourselves around them. We have shared so much with these people who 10 weeks ago, were complete strangers.

It feels so much like a new chapter in our lives is just beginning. I know I've said that before, but it's crazy how if really feels like we've graduated. :) We've learned SO SO MUCH that we will use in more ways than just parenting our next child/children. We are so grateful for all of the knowledge we've gained in this class. However, we do know that until we are parenting another child, we can't know what challenges may arise. We know that we are stepping into something that we never expected we would, situations that at times we felt we weren't equipped to handle. Nothing will be able to fully prepare us for what we are about to embark upon, but this class certainly has been a great eye opener and provided us with tools that we did not have before.

With all that being said, we are ready for it to be over. :) We have enjoyed it and learned a lot, but we are ready for the next step. These next couple/few months while we wait until we get our license are going to be brutal. We would appreciate prayer. I wish so much that I could be very specific about what your prayers could be for, but I cannot. Please pray for patience for us, for timing to be right, for Tate's adjustment, for all parties involved. Our plans and hopes over these last several weeks have taken a turn that we didn't expect and have led us into waters we had no idea we might be entering, so please pray for our adjustment as well and for strength for us to deal with some difficult times and situations that are likely coming our way. Thank you so much for praying for our really means so much to us!


Andrea Dellit said...

You don't know me, but I went to school with Cassie & Becky Dirks in Grundy. My husband and I have been an infertility journey of our own and Becky sent me your blog a while back. It was perfect timing. We have been considering how far we will go with treatments and have been leaning towards not doing IVF and going an adpotive route. Reading your journey and your decision to stop IVF was so reassuring. It made me feel like it will be ok to say no if that's what our hearts truly believe. I have also read your story about your adoption of Tate and it continues to be inspiring. Thank you for sharing your ups & your downs. At least one crazy lady in Waterloo is inspired by your stories :). I thought this an appropriate time to comment as I read you went through PS-MAPP. My husband and I finished at the end of July after deciding we don't have to get pregnant to be parents. We are still continuing some treatments before IVF but more than ever, I feel like this foster/adoptive route is one we need to be on and one we might not have considered if it weren't for infertility. I hope that your journey is successful and wish you luck in your own adventure of expanding your family.

Andrea Dellit said...

I guess I should have shared...My blog is if you want stop in and see more about my husband and I. My profile is not public, so you have to have the blog address to get there.

Thanks again,