Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tate's Preschool Family Night...

Last night was Tate's Family Night open house at his preschool. It was just too cute being there and seeing all the kids together outside of the school setting. I got to meet some of the parents and chat a bit. The place was PACKED with so many kids and parents!!! The kids were to show their parents all of their favorite things to do while they are at preschool. All of the kids were just soooo proud. It was so cute. They were running around showing their parents certain toys or areas where they like to play. Then there were cookies and juice and crafts. Tate didn't want to leave, he was so proud.

I am so proud of him. I was the classroom volunteer yesterday (and am scheduled to be the volunteer about once a week) and so I got to observe how he is. I tried my best to keep my distance and spend my time mostly in different areas or with the other kids, but I still got to see how he acts and interacts with the kids and teachers. He can be quite the stinker at home, but he was so polite and sweet at school! It made me so full of pride! There are some amazing kids in his class...they were mostly all just such good kids! He and Ava really do stick by each other the whole time though. It's pretty cute! They are such wonderful friends to each other. It's so funny though, by the end of each week, they start to bicker like siblings. :) They are practically together as much as siblings since they see each other every day at preschool and then the DeCook's watch Tate once a week in the evenings while we're at PS-MAPP and on top of that, we hang out with DeCooks a lot on the weekends! They love each other so much though.

I still can't believe that Tate's already such a big boy! And in a week from today, he'll be 5!!!

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