Monday, September 26, 2011

Have you ever watched What Not To Wear?

Well if you have, you know that Stacy and Clinton always talk about how you never know who you might run into and so you should always try to look put together no matter where you go. Whether it's the grocery store or the library or just to the gas station. Ya, I never believed them. I didn't buy it. Trust me, I look like a complete mess at least half of the time.

So it's kind of been a running joke for YEARS with Sean and I that whenever we go out to run a quick errand somewhere and I opt to not put myself together, without fail, we will run into someone Sean knows that I do not and he will introduce me to them. Seriously, every time. It's so embarrassing and likely embarrassing for him too!

So on Sunday morning, we decided to go to breakfast. I looked terrible...hadn't showered, maybe didn't even brush my hair, no makeup, same clothes on from the day before...just not lookin' good at all. We walk into IHOP and first thing, I hear Sean say, "OH HI! How are you?!" I look over and didn't recognize the person at all. Oh great, I get to meet someone new. Ugh. Turns out it was his work supervisor (well, he JUST got a new one, but it was the one before that) who has heard about me from Sean, but had never met me before. Ugh again.

Seriously, it never fails, every single time. I can't go out looking like that anymore. I don't know why it took me so long to learn that, but I think I may have FINALLY learned my lesson...maybe. :) Stacy and Clinton are never know who you will run into so you should always be presentable.

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Candi said...

Only you Jennie.... :/ sorry! Of course it would be someone important, kinda!! ;]