Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 35th Birthday, Sean!

We had kind of a big hoorah for Sean's birthday today. Knutsons came to town for the weekend and DeCooks spent the day with us. It was perfect...well, aside from the disappointing Hawkeye loss, but we won't talk about that.

This morning, Sean opened his gifts and cards...

I made TONS of food for the day/night. I even carved my first watermelon boat into a football helmet. A little rough, but okay for my first attempt...

He had one request (aside from a Hawkeye win which he didn't get)...a double decker cookie cake. That would be a giant chocolate chip cookie covered in frosting and then another chocolate chip cookie on top of that. I must say, it was delicious!

And it had LOTS of candles on it!

Since we had lots of guests and it was also Olivia's birthday a couple of days ago...I made another cake! Dirt cake with the white cream colored yellow so it went along with the Hawkeye theme!

She was satisfied with it. :)

It was a great day spent with great friends and we are so grateful to have these people in our life!

And Sean is now 35. And he works so hard for our family and we love him so so much!

Happy Birthday, Babe!


Farm-Raised said...

Oh my goodness. The food is amazing!!! Happy birthday to your hubby!!!

Perhaps we can get together Monday or Wednesday morning???

Talk soon!

Candi said...

What a FUN birthday for you SEAN!! Happy Birthday in spite of the loss!