Friday, September 30, 2011

Cloud 9...

I know I am slacking at posting pictures! Sorry! I have been sick and then busy busy, but I promise after this weekend, I will have LOTS of pictures to post!

I am feeling kind of on Cloud 9 today! I have multitude of emotions...relief, excitement, joy, blessed, and the list goes on. There is just so much that I have to be thankful for, so much that I have that I don't deserve. For once, I am feeling ahead of the game in regards to preparations for Tate's party (still BEHIND the game on running...eeeeeek!). I have truly the best family ever...I mean really, I am so blessed by them! I have incredible friends new and old. And both of those important parties in our life are just so supportive of us and our (what some people think) crazy decisions. I know I talk about it all the time and probably sound like a broken record, but we just couldn't get through these times without this support. Really, thank you all (you know who you are!) for everything you do!

And this weekend should be a ton of fun. We are celebrating Tate's 5th birthday with family tomorrow with a big Kung Fu Panda themed party complete with an amazing cake (pictures to come), sushi, a pinata, pizza, chicken wings, a bounce house, etc. Then, on Sunday I have 2 photoshoots! Yay!

Looking forward to seeing all of the family and seeing the joy on Tate's face at his party. :)

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Farm-Raised said...

I'm so glad you could stay for a bit last night!! It made me so happy! And thanks for the dresses. I'll take a picture of our collective "pile" before I send them. Have a fun day!!! Happy day to Tate especially!!