Monday, September 05, 2011


We went to Cedar Rapids on Saturday morning and watched the Iowa game with Sean's sister and her family as well as Sean's parents. It was fun to just sit back and get to spend some time with family (pictures to come). Then, after the game, we headed to Colo to spend the evening/night with Sean's parents. It was a beautiful night and we had such a great time!

The weather cooled down after the rain and I decided to go out and take some pictures around Sean's parent's yard...

We had great conversation, lots of laughs, great food and Tate was on Cloud 9 at Nana and Papa's! Thank you Pat and Linda for a great night...we love you!


Candi said...

So fun!! LOVE the multiple pics of interesting trees & flowewrs & the good ole IA. corn!!

Farm-Raised said...

Your photos are outrageously beautiful!