Wednesday, September 28, 2011

8 weeks left, and already behind!

So my running goal is making me nervous. You see, I got quite sick about 10ish days ago. I couldn't hardly walk up the stairs without hacking up a lung and I was a sneezing, congestion, headachy mess for about 7 of those days. So I haven't run in about a week and a half. Ugh. Honestly, up until about 2 days ago, I really don't think I could have done it. However, the last 2 days were just me being too busy (or maybe just lazy) to run. So I am back at it and did my 2 miles tonight. Problem is...I need to kick it up to at LEAST 2 1/2 miles per time in order to make up for the lack of running I did this last week and a half. Or else I am going to have to increase to 3 mile runs a couple of weeks earlier than I had planned to. I have exactly 8 weeks of running left until Thanksgiving and I've only run 10.5 miles so far! Yikes!

So wish me luck!

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Candi said...

Get back on the horse girly girl!! You'll find it easier once you get in a routine better! Today is to be really warm out but soon you'll have wonderful fall cool temps PERFECT for running!! You go girl!! ;]