Monday, August 01, 2011

We love Florida!

Oh my goodness, the kids are doing "swimmingly", no pun intended!

The adults are doing just as well! We are having A BLAST! LOTS of fun in the sun, great company, TONS of laughs, relaxation, great food, and the list goes on.

I just got my camera out today! I took lots of pictures.

Here are a few for you...

The kids LOVE the "little pool"...which if you haven't been here, is actually a hot tub that isn't heated right now because it's HOT out!

All 3 of the children fell by the pool yesterday within a couple hours of being here. Tate is the only one that got a wound...he cut his chin open. Ugh. He's fine, but is sporting a bandaid for the time being. :)

And Ava became a professional at going under water today! She was so brave!

We've spent the weekend with Chris, Brenda, Bode and Boone and actually are keeping Bode the next 2 nights.

We are off to a day at the beach tomorrow! We are so excited and just know the kids will love it!

Siesta Key here we come!!!


Candi said...

Woohoo! Siesta Key!! The water shoes/socks weren't on when the kids fell??!! UGH!! Stay safe and ENJOY!!

sarak said...

Looks like a good time! The question is how was the evening AFTER the kids went to bed? he he he....Have fun at the beach, post some pics:)

Anonymous said...

Layla says she wants to come to Florida and play sometime! Glad you are having fun. Wish we were there! Love you all!

Love, Layla and Kay

Lisa Borglum said...

I just knew when I read this entry that Candi was going to comment about the water shoes...I just thought there would be a "dagnabit", in there! HA!! Looks so fun!!