Monday, August 15, 2011


So the glads didn't work. They are pretty and I like how they look on our dining room table, but they didn't really make me glad.

So I went to church...felt like crying the whole time. Ugh. I needed to go so badly. It was good for me! Then, I drove home to my mom waiting in front of my house for me! YAY! Lunch and retail therapy with my mom is usually a cure all! :)

So along with church (which was actually MUCH more needed than the retail therapy!), a few pairs of pants, a new, pretty, floral shower curtain (which I put up and LOVE), a photo session with 4 of adorable children and their parents, and Sean getting called from work saying he didn't have to go in, I felt a little de-funked this evening! We had roast for dinner, a fire in the firepit with sweatshirts on (LOVE this weather!) and now lots of fun editing...things are looking up.

On the agenda for tomorrow is a morning run. I have taken a several week break from running because of the hot weather (well, that's my excuse at least) and I need to get back at it. I'm scared to see how hard it's going to be after not having run for so long. We'll see how it goes, but if the weather stays this way, I don't plan to have another break from running until it freezes! Then I don't know what I'll do. Hmmmm...I'll worry about that later.

Okay, gotta get back to editing! Haven't posted a Sneak Peek on my photography blog yet, but I'll share JUST ONE from my session on here...

I mean, if THAT face couldn't get me out of my funk...nothing could!

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Candi said...

It WAS a quick trip but full of FUN, therapy, excitement for a great find and a dose of happy Tater Tot.... what more could we ask for... oh ya, pefect weather!! It felt good to be with you guys for a while. My trip home went smooth & I reflected on my great weekend. Church was good, weather perfect and lots of people mixed in throughout the weekend.... I need people, I enjoy the relationships and this weekend was FULL of different folks and great times. The sneak peak pic... ADORABLE!!!!!! So beautiful that little girl is. Hope your run goes well... :]