Friday, August 05, 2011

No pictures tonight...maybe tomorrow.

I DID take several pictures though! It's just late and I don't have the energy to upload and edit them to post!

The guys golfed today and the girls (and Tate of course) swam. I mean, it's so funny...James and Sean can't understand girls...or maybe it's just Lora and I, but I swear we could sit and chat for months straight and never run out of things to talk about. And we talk deep...and it's refreshing and good for the soul.

My brother's birthday was today. We headed to his house this afternoon for his birthday party. We all laughed the night away...we laughed HARD! It was fun and just makes me miss Chris, Brenda, Bode and Boone even more. :(

We ate delicious food at their house poolside and the kiddos swam and swam and then conked out while the adults had drinks and played Catch Phrase until we left.

Good times with really good people who I am so blessed to call family and friends!!!

I think the guys golf excursions are done for this trip, so the rest of the trip will be dedicated to all family time (okay, MAYBE Lora and I will squeeze in another shopping trip and 'mommy day' just the 2 of us!), beach time, pool time and relishing every moment of the last half of our trip. It's off to the beach when we get up in the morning and then we plan to get all gussied up again for our dinner out at Sharkey's...this time with the kids. :) It'll be fun and we know the kids will think Sharkey's is so cool! Lots of pictures to come I'm sure!

For now, it's off to bed to gear up for another day in the sun!

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