Saturday, August 13, 2011 get me out of my funk...

Glads that I bought at the Farmer's Market.

Because they make me glad...sort of.

I needed something in an attempt to cheer me up today.

I just can't shake the funk.


I did have a "date day" with Tate which was so special and fun, but once we got home, the funk came back.

And it's gorgeous outside!

So why the funk? Not sure.

Busy day tomorrow, then a pretty busy week as well.

Hopefully that will help the funk.

I know receiving my new camera in the mail this week will DEFINITELY help the funk!

Looking forward to that for sure! :)

Church tomorrow is much needed for's been too many weeks.

Likely one of the main reasons I am in a funk...I need to nourish my soul.

And writing all this down kinda helps too because it makes me seem like a total whiner.

I don't want to be a whiner, so I need to snap out of this STAT!

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Candi said...

I think it's hereditary... I get in one every year @ this time. Think it's the pre start of school that hits me and seeing the summer coming to an end.... old memories as I really hated the start of the school year... new classes and schedules unknown and wondering if I'll have a teacher I liked... etc. etc. etc. I struggle with change, hence, funk! :/ It will pass after a more routine schedule is in place. You had a long fun trip and may be struggling from a little let down too. It is a beautiful day out there. I plan to enjoy it... hope you do too!! :]