Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Night at the Drive-In Theater

We had a special day with Tate today.

He had his 5 yr (YIKES!) Physical and had to get 4 shots (DOUBLE YIKES!) and we were SO SO proud of how well he did! We decided to dedicate the day to some fun, family activities.

It started at Coldstone Creamery where the boys indulged in some deliciousness (I sat and watched while drooling), then we went to a couple of pet stores. We are seriously considering getting some sort of caged, small pet for Tate for his birthday. Today made us lean towards a rabbit...maybe even one we will keep outdoors. Or maybe we just won't do a pet...not sure yet. Anywho, it was still fun to look! I personally fell in love with 2 TINY Boston Terriers...seriously, I want one...or two.

After looking at animals, we headed home and hung out around the house and played a bit, grilled chicken and zucchini and then packed up and headed to watch The Smurfs (Tate's recent obsession, thanks to the McDonald's Happy Meals!) at the Highway 61 Drive-In! We didn't tell Tate where we were going and he was SO EXCITED when we pulled up and he saw the huge screen and we explained that we were going to watch The Smurfs on that screen while sitting outside once it got dark.

My dates for the night...

Tonight was much needed!

Ah, it was so wonderful!

The Highway 61 Drive-In is complete with free trainrides before the movie starts! Tate loved it...

And Tate ALSO loved his special spot to watch the movie all cozied up in the back of our car.

He LOVED the movie and so did Sean and I...it was really cute!

And just after we left the theater and were driving home, Tate said, "Mommy, my special surprise was SO AWESOME!" and then he closed his eyes and was done for the night!

It WAS an awesome night...so awesome.

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Candi said...

Ahhhhh so fun and sweet!! I have awesome memories going to the drive in theatre as a kid... so happy Tate will have those memories too. Actually it was a drive in movie in Harlan that Larry & I went to just 2 weeks after I had Chris... our 1st outing! :]