Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sweet ayla...

I watched Ayla this morning and Tate went to the driving range and practice putting green with Sean. So they had a boys day while we had a girls day. Ayla is so much fun and so sweet!

I was feeling exceptionally tired this morning though and thought it was because I didn't have time to do my morning run which gives me crazy amounts of energy. However, when I got home I began to develop a headache...a BAD headache. It progressed to that dreaded migraine stage and I was miserable, nauseas and couldn't function. I hate that. And I can say that I used to get these migraines every week or two until I started my diet. It's been over 4 months since I've had one! I guess I was due. I took my migraine medicine, went to sleep and woke up feeling a million times better...whew!

Now I am drinking coffee and snuggled on the couch watching Tate box on the Kinect. :-)
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