Sunday, May 08, 2011

Kay's Baby Shower

One of my dearest friends, Kay, whom I've been friends with for approximately 20 years is having her first baby.

She is having a girl, Layla Kay.

I know Layla will be as beautiful as her mommy.

Today was Kay's baby shower.

It was so strange to see Kay 31 weeks pregnant! Weird!

She looked beautiful as usual and it was so nice to celebrate her and Layla's upcoming arrival.

And the paparazzi was there...that would be her sister Amy and I!


One of the gifts I got Layla was this little outfit. Seriously?!! How cute is that!!!

I want a baby girl JUST so I can put her in this tiny little outfit.

And then I came home to an early Mother's Day gift.

My sweet son went to a local event that let kids decorate a special Mother's Day cookie just for their moms.

Tate was sooo proud of the cookie he made and I wasn't even all the way in the door before he showed me the cookie.

It was just sooo sweet! Too bad I can't eat the cookie!

Then, the afternoon was spent at The DeCook's house celebrating Chloe's 2nd birthday!

More to come on that later...

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Candi said...

Kay does not look 31 weeks... at all! Kay, you look "glowing" ! Glad it was such a good day!! The little dress couldn't be any cuter! DARLING!