Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend...

We had an amazing weekend celebrating Easter!

There's just nothing I love more than being with family.

My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Steve and my cousins Drew and Brent, as well as my Grandpa and Uncle Kent were all together at my parents house for the weekend. We just hung out and played cards and chatted, ate, laughed, played XBox Kinect and just enjoyed being together. On Saturday morning I took photographs of 2 extremely amazing and adorable children who I literally fell in love with, then in the afternoon, I drove the the Easter Bunny around town and stopped for several people who wanted to meet him. Sunday morning, we had an Easter Egg Hunt outside my parents house and the Easter Bunny showed up! We dyed eggs with silk ties (such a fun activity to replace the typical egg dying!) and just hung out and then had an amazing dinner. It was a fantastic weekend and Tate was dead asleep in the car on the drive home by 7:15pm! This is unheard of for him! He played HARD!

Tate patiently (ha!) waiting to start the Easter Egg Hunt...

And the hunt begins...

I love watching the kids hunt for eggs!

The Easter Bunny even showed up!

I love that Tate is beyond the age of being afraid of the Easter Bunny and can now enjoy him!

I think the Easter Bunny might have been tormenting Ellie (my aunt and uncle's dog) a bit...

MOST of the kids with the Easter Bunny.

Ayla was not into him, which is weird because she usually has no fear! I think she may have been a bit tired.

We got her in a picture anyway...and as you can see, she was THRILLED about it!

Tate giving the Easter Bunny some love...

These kids give my grandpa (and MANY other people!) SO MUCH JOY! He was thrilled to have a photo with several of his Great Grandchildren...if only Bode and Boone could have been there!


It was a great weekend filled with love, laughter and fun!

Hope you all had as great of an Easter as we did!

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