Monday, April 04, 2011

back to life...back to reality

My week away definitely refreshed me and made me just adore my boys even more. I am just soaking as much of Tate up as he'll let me. It seems like he changed so much in the last week! He has cracked me up countless times in the last couple of days. Today he said (after being outside "helping" Sean put together our grill), "I am coming inside now...Daddy just totally freaked out on me." Seriously?! Hilarious! Ha! Then, somehow the subject of donuts came up and Tate said, "Donuts make you flat...uh, I mean fat." I looked at Sean and asked where he heard that from and Sean admitted to telling Tate that the other night when he asked for a donut at bedtime and Sean said no and apparently went on to tell him that donuts would make him fat. Nice...really nice. He is such a sponge and repeats everything!

I'm not going to lie...I miss Florida. It was such a great week. However, I am so happy to get to be here to wake up in the morning with Tate and put him to bed at night. I am just today starting to feel like things are getting back to our normal routine.

I am excited to tell you about a little fundraising event that Jennie Peakin Photography is going to be participating in a couple weeks from now. Details are not firmed up yet, so I will post about that later. However, if you live in the Muscatine/Quad City area, the event will be in Muscatine on the 17th and you're going to want to come. :)

Today was "assemble everything that is still in boxes" day at our to come later. Wish the weather was warmer, but I'll take this over snow and sub freezing temps any day!

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