Thursday, March 31, 2011

our day...

I don't have pictures for you today...sorry. We had a great day on the beach and Lora and I played in the waves and squeeled the entire time like a couple of school girls. It was comical and so much fun. We dove for seashells and the waves were maybe the biggest waves I've ever swam in. It was a blast and I felt like a little kid again! On a not so fantastic note, both Lora and I got burnt kind of bad. Ugh. I don't know why I cannot get through a vacation without this happening! It was cloudy much of the time at the beach today and being in the waves for at least an hour along with the application of SPF 45 (although we should have reapplied!) we thought we were fine. In fact, I only thought I got a little burnt until a couple of hours after leaving the beach when I was feeling really sore and HOT and looked in the mirror to see that I was a tomato on my face, chest and arms. Lora got it on her chest, a bit on her stomach and a little on her feet and nose. We applied our Aloe Vera and hope that it's feeling better by tomorrow.

We went to Chris and Brenda's and had a fantastic evening eating the best sushi EVER, chatting, swimming and laughing...a lot. I took pictures of them which I'll post once I get home and edit them, I cut Brenda's hair...SUPER CUTE, and I got to snuggle up to Bode and Boone. Serioulsy, LOVE LOVE LOVE those boys. I miss them so much and just kinda feel like begging Chris and Brenda on my hands and knees to move back to Iowa. So sad.

I'm really starting to miss Tate a lot today. He's FINE and having sooo much fun. I've spoken to him every day at least once. Tonight when he called me before bed, this was the beginning of our conversation...

Tate: "Mommy, it's me Tate."

Me: "HI Tate! I MISS YOU!"

Tate: "I miss you too, Mommy. Um, Mommy?"

Me: "Yes Tate"

Tate: "Ava and I are going to marry."

Me: "You ARE?! And why did you decide that?"

Tate: "Because I love her"

SERIOUSLY?! SOOOO SWEET! I asked Sean why he said that and he said he didn't know, but that he had said it the night before too. Tate proceeded to ask to talk to Lora and told her the same thing...melt.our.hearts. Oh my goodness I cannot wait to wrap my arms around Tate again! We went on to chat about how much fun he was having and so on and so forth.

It's been another great day! I'm tired and heading to bed...


Candi said...

The salt water washes off the protection so easily I think :( Darn it, wished you hadn't gotten burnt!! Have a great day today!! Looking forward to pics no doubt!!! :)

sarak said...

Sounds like fun (except for the sunburn part..oh well, at least it will look like you went on vacation right;)).