Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nana and Papa P.

We went to Colo for a quick visit this weekend to spend some time with Nana and Papa P.
Tate has been wanting to see them for weeks and we had a free weekend (imagine that!) and figured it was a good time to head up there. Tate loves their house...loves it!
And as you can see, he loves his Nana and Papa P.!

And when we before we were even out of the driveway, we had MAJOR tears, and MAJOR lip sticking out. He wanted Nana, he wanted to talk to her. So we called her and he sobbed into the phone and said some things that were almost impossible to understand. It broke my heart!
Though it was only about a 24 hour visit, we fit in a lot of chatting, wine, coffee, Wii, Play-Doh, reminiscing, photograph veiwing, sorting through old clothes of Seans, gardening planning and a couple of yummy meals!
Fun times!

We spent a couple of hours with The Knutsons after leaving Nana and Papa's house and the kids played and played. Tate had a BLAST while Sean and I chatted it up the entire time with Sara and Jeremie. We miss being able to hang out with you guys more often, it was great seeing you!

And within 10 minutes of leaving Knutsons', this was Tate...
We stopped in Newton for supper, so Tate had slept only about 20 minutes, but he was DONE! We managed to wake him up, he was dead to the world. This is what a short nap does to him...he didn't sleep the rest of the 2 hour drive home and he's STILL awake in bed right now and it's 10:05. Seriously, this kid is something else with his sleep!

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