Thursday, March 17, 2011

More therapy...

I had some cake left, so i decided to make another (small) batch of cake pops tonight. Plus, I was bored because Sean had to work over 2 hours late! Geesh! I couldn't wait any longer and finally ate supper and put his aside to reheat when he got home. Then I thought, "I guess I'll make some more cake pops!" So I did. And this time I listened to K-Love and sang songs and completely enjoyed myself yet again! And I think this batch of cake pops turned out better than the first, but I'll spare you more pictures because they really are pretty much the same. Thought I'm not going to lie, I did buy some different sprinkles to change things up a bit for this batch. I think I have a sprinkle addiction, you should see my cupboard!

I think Tate may break out the green pants one more time for St. Patrick's day tomorrow (yikes, I mean's 1:30am!) and I need to find something festive as well. We delivered the cake pops we made for DeCooks to them this evening and tomorrow (today...when I say tomorrow, I actually mean today) we will be delivering more. I scheduled a play date/coffee date for tomorrow afternoon with my old blogging friend turned real friend and her son Eli. Tate has talked about Eli almost daily since we introduced them a week ago. Today in Wal-Mart we were walking by the toy section and he pointed at a guitar and said, "Mommy, Eli has that toy. I really miss him." So cute. He insisted when he saw the cake pops that Ava, Chloe, Lora, James, Leah, Kayla, Mike, Sarah and Eli each have one. He went through ALL of their names. So amongst others (Sean's co-workers, Lora and James' students), those people will be getting the cake pops. He did name some various other family members who, unfortunately we will probably not be seeing soon enough to gift any cake pops to...sorry!

So tomorrow Sean is off work (YAY!), I will get some coffee and conversation with a friend in the afternoon, Tate will get some play time with a friend and then we'll be going to Sarah and Mike's for dinner and more fun! What a fun day it will be! If only the rain would stay away. It's supposed to be close to 70 degrees and THAT makes me one happy girl!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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