Thursday, March 24, 2011

lots to do before Florida...

Super excited to leave for Florida on Saturday...super excited! I do have a long list of things that I would like to get done before we head out around lunch time on Saturday! And instead of doing those things, we went to Muscatine to meet up with Cassie, Paul and the kids at the Missippi Brew for dinner and drinks tonight. I am so glad we did!!! It was nice to just sit and chat and to see the kids. It seems like forever since I've seen them.

I want to make sure I leave the house as clean and in order as possible for Sean when I'm gone. I have a few bills I want to pay before heading out and just a few more odds and ends to pack. I have a coupon that needs to be used on Friday and also groceries to purchase for Sean and Tate so Sean doesn't have to worry about grocery shopping while I'm gone. I also have a couple of loads of laundry to do and a few of my DVR'd shows to catch up on. :) In addition to all that, I really want to soak up these next couple of days with Tate because though I am totally excited for a fun and relaxing girls week, I know I will miss Tate and Sean so much.

I am not sure that I'll be posting much before we head out on Saturday as I am going to be pretty busy, but who knows. Just thought I'd let you know in case you don't hear from me for a few days! I will be blogging from Florida though and now that I have the Android, I can blog from my phone, so that makes things easier for sure! In Florida, Lora and I plan to spend lots of time in the sun, shopping, at the beach, going out to eat and reading! Our plan is to read Crazy Love while down there and (I know I am totally delayed in reading it...I've been holding off until this trip!) I cannot wait to open that book up! It's looking like we'll be enjoying some PERFECT weather then entire time...mostly sunny skies and low 80's all week! Woohoo!

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Candi said...

So excited for you to get here! The weather could not be better... sigh!! I am not happy about leaving it soon either... but will love catching up with some kids hugs & lovin' : )