Thursday, March 03, 2011

If the hat fits...

...wear it.
Even if it doesn't go with your outfit whatsoever...still wear it.
I think this may be Tate's motto because since he hand picked this hat about a week ago, he hasn't wanted to go hardly anywhere without it on his head. He attracts quite the attention with it and I think it's pretty cute on him if I do say so myself!
I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of him in it tonight on a whim. However, he did get a shirt to wear with it so we can have an "official" photo shoot of him wearing it and his new shirt once the weather gets a bit nicer.

We couldn't get through even a 5 minute photo shoot without getting some silly faces out of him!

Seriously, this boy makes my heart skip a beat!


sarak said...

you better print an 8 by 10 of that pic! Those are awesome!!

Candi said...

I have to agree.... those are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!! He is one darling little man... sigh!! :)