Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A GIVEAWAY for World Water Day!

OVER $10K raised!!!! Now let's see how much more we can raise! This giveaway is not over until 11pmCST, you still have time to donate and enter to win!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your donations!!!
I've talked about it before, and I am talking about it again...

It's World Water Day and so today is a great day for a post about water and a giveaway, right?! :)

I read posts about charity all the time and I'm not going to lie, sometimes I see a post about a cause and I just skim it...or worse, don't read it at all. I don't want this post to be the post you skim or completely skip, so I'm going to make it as short as I can (although I could write 10 paragraphs about my thoughts on it!) and I'm going to intice you to spread the word and give even if it's just a little...every dollar counts truly.

So I'm giving up my blog today to water and I'm giving away a water inspired gift to one of YOU just for spreading the word and giving a little today on World Water Day.

I am donating here...

You should too...and if you do, see below what you could win from ME! :)

I know so many of you who read my blog have the biggest, most giving hearts and I know that if you really took a second to stop and think about what you're doing in giving a small donation, you would know what a huge gift you're giving to someone.

4000 children die a day due to lack of access to clean drinking water...what if that was your child?

It does not make it any more okay for someone else's child to die than it does for my own child to die.

An explanation (and SUPER short, cute and entertaining video that you should totally watch!) about exactly where your money will go from The Adventure Project's website:

"Instead of drilling more wells, we’re using our charitable gifts for something revolutionary – to train and employ handpump mechanics. The mechanics earn an income, bringing themselves out of poverty, and they save lives – turning water back on for thousands of people each year."

typeTAP: Water Revolution from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.

Get it?

Okay, now about the giveaway.
I am giving away this...

*Included are 4 decorative mini-clipboards. I have 4 that hang on my kitchen wall and love them for holding bills, coupons, artwork, notes, etc.. There is also a bottle of Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap in the scent Dancing Water. Convenient name and coincidentally my FAVORITE scent from Bath and Body Works! Lastly, (sorry this will only apply to locals or those who would be able to travel to the Quad City Area) I am including a gift certificate for a FREE PHOTO SESSION with me. Want your child(ren) photographed? Your family? Your new baby? It's all free. Check out my Jennie Peakin Photography Website or the blog to view some of my work if you'd like. :)

How to enter...

1 entry just for spreading the word on Facebook...post THIS LINK.

1 entry for every $10 you donate


Or you can donate by clicking on the image on my right sidebar labeled typeTAP.

Donations will be tracked and along with all of the other approximately 150 bloggers giving up their blogs for water today, we hope to raise at least $10,000. AND The Prem Rawat Foundation has stepped up and agreed to match any donations made TODAY for World Water Day, up to $10,000.


The giveaway closes at 11pm CST, so make sure you donate by then! Once you've either spread the word on Facebook and/or donated, please leave me a comment on this post to let me know that you posted about typeTAP Water Revolution and the donation link as well as the amount you donated. If you are not comfortable commenting that you donated or the amount you donated, you can email me your entries to japeakin at hotmail dot com. I will enter your name the appropriate amount of times into the drawing for the giveaway and draw a winner at random. I will post the winner on this blog on Wednesday! I will mail your prize to you immediately!

All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you so much in advance for taking part in this!


Cassie said...

i gave $50 and i linked on FB.
i get to enter, right??

Cassie said...

your first link works, but your BIG "DONATE NOW" link is broken!

Jennie Peakin said...

yes! You get to enter! I'll fix the link. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Did I make it clear how much I love your post? Thanks for seeing out vision. Thanks for posting our video. Thank you for surrendering your blog and voice.

I like it.


Lisa Borglum said...

I donated (only $10..I feel cheap). I don't know how to link on facebook but I will try to figure it out :)

amy smith said...

i gave $20, and posted on facebook :)

Beckysblog said...

I donated $10 and I am going to try and link to fb. But Im not very smart!

Farm-Raised said...

I gave $20 and you wouldn't even have to mail anything! Ha! Seriously though...awesome giveaway...we got internet just in time!

Lora and James said...

posted on FB and donated $10