Saturday, February 07, 2009

The last week...

Yes, Tate does have a mother....because of my being behind the camera 99% of the time, some of you may have started to wonder if Sean was actually a single father. I would much rather stay behind the camera, but thought I would make a quick appearance on here for a change. :)

This was Sean and Tate reacting to the Cardinal's loss in the Super Bowl.

Okay, they're over it!

Oh the joys of having my happy boy back! He STILL isn't 100%, but very close to it. He would've been had he not come down with the stomach bug just as I was thinking he was 100% healthy. It never ends!

Last weekend we decided Tate was ready to graduate to "big boy towels"...if there even is such a thing! Ha. We have used those baby hooded towels on Tate forever! We had so many, and so they are just what we always used. They are so thin and small and totally not the best towels for a toddler and so we thought we'd get Tate 2 of his own special "big boy towels". He does have a couple of bigger hooded towels that we love too that are meant for kids his size, but it was time to put away the baby towels. Here he is so proud to be wrapped in his "big boy towel"...oh the things that please a child!

These last 3 or 4 weeks, Tate has become more and more of a Daddy's boy. It is so sweet to see him cuddle in with Sean. He wants to be within arms reach of Sean at every moment. He cuddles with him on the couch, snuggles in with him to rock before bed, laughs with him and rolls around on the floor, watches TV with him and voluntarily lays his head down on Sean when he's sitting by him. To see their bond and watch them together is one of my greatest joys!

We are still recovering from a rough week of the stomach bug. Tate is not quite right still and I still get waves of nausea here and there. We are thoroughly enjoying this warmer weather though and hope that it stays!

Can you believe next weekend is already Valentine's Day?!!! I am ready for spring!

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Mom said...

When there is so much sadness and heartache around, it is just nice to find pleasure in the simple things. Health is SO important and there is no guarantee we'll always have it so PLEASE enjoy these times where tickles and laughs are worh a million dollars, or rather, "priceless" I should say!! Amen!! Give Tate lots of Candi kisses for me please!! Enjoy this day the Lord has made :)