Monday, February 23, 2009

Jennie needs...

this is a fun little game that I stole from my friend Melissa's blog. It cracked me up when I was doing it. First you go to and then type your name and the word needs after it and search. Post your top eight links that come up. Here are mine.

1. Jennie needs our backing to beat scourge (what?)
2. Jennie needs a break
3. Jennie needs to find herself a baller
4. Jennie needs a smack daddy
5. Jennie needs your support
6. Jennie needs a Wee by Mr. Jingles (I have no idea what this means!)
Jennie needs a road bike
8. Jennie needs to contact an attorney and get everything sold so she can get medicaid (ummmm, okay)

1 comment:

Corey and Melissa said...

I love it!! Mr. Jingles? interesting.........