Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

oh those lashes!

Tate had his fill of sweets this weekend to say the least!

It's a day late...sorry. We had a great day...well, a great weekend. Mom and Dad came to town on Friday night and we all hung out until the wee hours. Then on Saturday we all did lunch and Mom and I did a little shopping while Brenda (THANKS A TON, BRENDA!) took Tate and Bode swimming at Mom and Dad's hotel. Dad and Chris got to hang out and play cards while we were gone too. It was a nice, relaxing day. Tate didn't go down for his nap until 4 pm and he was CONKED OUT instantly! After Tate's nap, we went to Chris and Brenda's for the evening and ate sushi! MMMMM! Then, my aunt and uncle and mom and dad stopped over for a bit. After they left, we put Tate down and went downstairs for some intense cribbage games! We were home and in bed by 12:30, which was nice. Today has just been a relaxing day. I wish the weekend would never end!

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Mom said...

Good to see him looking so adorable, happy and eating again!! Praise be!! He is SO ding dang cute, no doubt! :)