Friday, January 16, 2009

Words cannot even describe!

There are no words to describe how stinky Tate's breath is. I mean, seriously, I am sitting on a different couch than he is sleeping on and his breath is stinking up the whole room. I am not even kidding. Is this normal?!!!! Sean said that he can hardly even look at him when he's holding him because his breath is so pungent and makes him sick. I mean, I hope this doesn't last long. I think I may need to light a candle in our house so it doesn't stink so bad!!!


Beckysblog said...

I remember that with Lauren. Its pretty bad!!!!

I hope he makes a big turn around tomorrow and you stay out of the hospital.

sarak said...

Did they end up saying he had an infection or anything? What was causing the fever? I'm so glad to see him home and finally on the mend! Sara

Jennie Peakin said...

He has pneumonia...he's acting better today though.