Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Jam

Tonight Sara Knutson, Cindy (her sister) and I went to Winter Jam. There were several really great Christian artists there and it was such a fun time! It was nice to get out of the house and do something fun...I've been cooped up for 2 weeks with my sicky boy, so I definitely was looking forward to this. We saw Francesca Battistelli, NewSong, Barlow Girl, The Afters, Stephanie Smith and Toby Mac. All of those artists for only $10! What a deal!

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Mom :) said...

Glad you had fun!! You were due!! I am, just waiting to hear of anything else going on, ;-) that might be of interest?!?? Hope all is going well, I hear the weather is COLD and SNOWY UGH!!!! Praying for safe travel and a bunch of fun & blessings!! No news as of yet.... :( I know, I am being silly & impatient. Think I'll go close my eyes for a bit in the sun!! Don't call me for a while, at least an hour or so. :) How's TATE??