Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top 100 Reasons...

A fellow blogger was presented with a challenge to list the top 100 reasons why she loves being a mother. I decided to take the challenge as well...

1.I love Tate Kenneth
2.I love hearing Tate snore through the monitor
3.I love that when I hold Tate, he puts his hand on the back of my neck
4.I love it when Tate is standing up in his crib waiting for me when I come in to get him up
5.I love Tate's smile
6.I love Tate's laugh
7.I love it when strangers tell me how adorable Tate is
8.I love being a family
9.I love watching Sean tickle Tate
10.I love it when Tate makes Sean laugh
11.I love seeing Tate hug his stuffed animals
12.I love snuggling Tate before bed
13.I love watching Tate splash in the bath tub
14.I love how Tate smells after his bath
15.I love the smell of baby lotion
15.I love Tate's MANY expressions
16.I love that Tate intently listens when we pray before we eat
17.I love that Tate looks quietly up at me when I say bedtime prayers
18.I love it when Tate intently watches Praise Baby
19.I love watching Tate dance
20.I love watching Tate play
21.I love reading to Tate
22.I love seeing Tate with his cousins
23.I love seeing Tate with his aunts and uncles
24.I love cuddling with Tate in the mornings
25.I love how Tate feeds himself
26.I love it when I lay Tate down, he adjusts his taggie blankets and brown puppy so they're right where he wants them
27.I love hearing Tate say, "tha-noo" (thank you)
28.I love it when I hear Tate saying "uh oh" in his carseat just so I remember he's still there
29.I love hearing Tate "sing" along to the music in the car
30.I love how excited Tate gets at the beginning of Mickey Mouse Club House when Mickey says, "Hey everybody!"
31.I love it when Tate says "da da da da da"
32.I love how Tate imitates our expressions
33.I love it how Tate gets excited when he sees himself in the mirror
34.I love it when Tate "throws" his ball
35.I love Tate's open mouth kisses
36.I love when Tate smiles for the camera
37.I love bringing a baby home for the first time
38.I love the children I do not have yet
39.I love being able to experience the joys of adoption
40.I love knowing the feeling of a mother's love and realizing my mother feels the same way about me
41.I love that Sean is the father to my son
42.I love saying that I have a son
43.I love taking family vacations with my son and husband
44.I love how happy Tate is in the water
45.I love that Tate is in heaven anytime he's playing in a bed
46.I love sleeping next to my baby
47.I love that Tate is completely dependent on Sean and I
48.I love imagining what kind of man Tate will become
49.I love that I can always find joy just by looking at Tate
50.I love hearing Tate babble
51.I love Tate's tiny feet
52.I love Tate's big, bald head
53.I love when Tate plays peek-a-boo
54.I love baby clothes
55.I love lullabies
56.I love Tate's pouty lip when he's mad
57.I love sitting on the floor and Tate not wanting to leave my side
58.I love blogging about Tate
59.I love taking pictures of Tate
60.I love getting Tate's picture taken
61.I love folding a bunch of clean, tiny baby clothes
62.I love starting our own family traditions
63.I love when Tate reaches for me
64.I love it when Tate sneezes when the sun's in his eyes
65.I love how Tate looks in hats
66.I love watching Tate learn
67.I love that Tate loves animals
68.I love Tate's soft skin
69.I love seeing Tate with his birth family
70.I love the face Tate makes when he sucks on a lemon
71.I love that when Tate doesn't want to eat his food, he picks it up and puts it in the seat of his high chair
72.I love Tate's face when he sees Daddy walk through the door
73.I love Sean's face when he sees Tate after a long day of work or school
74.I love watching Tate play with wrapping paper
75.I love seeing Tate with little babies
76.I love imagining what kind of big brother Tate is going to be like
77.I love hearing Tate say, "ma ma ma ma ma"
78.I love how Tate gets so excited when he learns something new
79.I love telling the story of Tate's adoption
80.I love being able to share part of Tate's life with his birth family
81.I love feeling the deepest love I have ever felt
82.I love having a bond with other mothers
83.I love that my favorite magazine is Parents
84.I love having to shop for baby clothes
85.I love seeing a new side of Sean that makes me love him even more
86.I love watching Sean kiss Tate
87.I love kissing Tate
88.I love when Tate nuzzles his head into me
89.I love those brief moments when Tate lays his head on my shoulder
90.I love holding Tate while he's sleeping
91.I love how Tate looks in his pajamas
92.I love when Tate says, "done" when he's done eating
93.I love it when Tate sees his bottle and starts to pant and speed crawl over to us to be fed
94.I love seeing how proud Sean is to show off Tate or pictures of Tate
95.I love the way Tate waves hello and goodbye
96.I love talking to Tate about Jesus
97.I love talking to Tate about his birth parents
98.I love documenting Tate's milestones
99.I love when Sean and I are both on the floor playing with Tate
100.I love knowing that Tate was created by God, for Sean and I to raise and love!

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