Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Okay, seriously, my patience is being tested FOR SURE!!! We got an update from our social worker today and it sounds like Mya (the twins birthmother) has reviewed the profiles and taken home the ones that she is considering (we are still in the running!!!) and going to go through them again at home and make a decision. Tomorrow, she has an appointment to go into the office and talk with her social worker about her decision and do the necessary things to get things all together and we should hear by 1:00. Now, we were originally told that we would hear by Monday or Tuesday at the latest, and that didn't happen, so we're not holding our breath! :) We'll see.

After getting all of that information, we were told by our social worker that Mya's social worker has another client that just had a baby boy and he is still in the hospital because he is jaundice (spelling???), but that we would be a good match for her as well. He was born on September 22nd and he is also black. His birthmother is in college and he is a product of a one night stand and she has no way to contact the father and apparently doesn't really know him, so he's not in the picture. SO, if Mya doesn't choose us, then our profile is going to be shown to this other birthmother and we may have to go to Virginia if we get picked by her anyway! This last week has been NUTS! Hopefully this will all be over soon! Please pray!


Beckysblog said...

Your nerves have to be shot!
Mine are for you!

Im still praying.

sarak said...

Soon, soon, soon! I'll give you a call right when I get home. I have a feeling you may hear today:))